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20/20 Vision Investments

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Thank you for connecting with us "Our Vision" and "Adventure" by visiting our webpage.

We have learned that we all have some things to share with each other to help one another on our journeys. We have asked ourselves some questions……Why? Who? When? 

Why is because we feel a real desire to share our stories with others to strengthen their marriages. No one wants to end up broken, divorced, and alone. Every couple should invest into their marriage. 

Who is anyone God puts in our path. Edge Ministries provides monthly programs, seminars, conferences, and coaching to help marriages avoid pitfalls that cause marriages to erode to the point of divorce. 

When is now. Go to our Events page and register today for one of our culture changing events that helps you live in a marriage that is "Better Together by God's Design"!

We believe that our story, our history, is "His" story. We invite you to come along and stay as long as you like as part of our community.

We facilitate Intimate Marriage Refinement Nights and Weekend Refinement Experiences monthly, catering to 10 - 15 couples at each experience in order for each person/couple to receive the greatest benefit.

Sign up today so that your marriage can become "Better Together by God's Design" tomorrow.




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Upcoming Events

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January 18, 2019 - Walking into the Wilderness - Men's Retreat at Spring Valley Ranch

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February 9, 2019 - Love is in the Air - Love is in the Air - Lover's Retreat

February 10, 2019 - Love is in the Air - Love is in the Air - Lover's Retreat

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