Women's Ministry Study Notes


There are hard promises we must keep, difficult roads we must traverse, and painful decisions we must make against our self-interest, all in the interest of loving God and loving others.
Our feelings can be brief. Truth is a lot less fleeting than emotions. Replacing FEELINGS with TRUTH—straight from God's Word.
Foundations: Read - Hear - Apply what He says in The Word
Seek God's Instruction for Every Battle 2 Samuel 5: 1-25
Prayer Warrior: Our greatest weapon against the enemy is the TRUTH.
Be the kind of woman that makes other women want DO SOMETHING.
Leaving Egypt. Many Christians have settled for a life in Egypt (metaphorically speaking). They have settled for a life of being trapped or limited, because they are more afraid of the unknown than they are of the condition they are living in. They refuse to trust God to take the first step out and into the provisions of the Almighty. It's time that we do something. It's time that we step into God's perfect will for our lives.
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