When was the last time we talked about our dreams and a vision for our life together as husband and wife?
Here are a few questions to help you in the adventure of love and getting to know your lover. These are good for any couple, it doesn't matter if you have been married 1 day or 70 years.
As we said good-bye to 2017, I reflected on all the special places I have been set a place at the table and all the invitations I have extended to a place at the table. This has been a great year of table settings in so many environments.
Thank them for doing something special for you. You may write a special note because it is a birthday but do not miss the opportunity to write a love note "just because".
How does hugging make you feel? How often do you hug someone? How often does someone hug you?
We live in a world that bombards us with words and images of who the world says we are or should be, it is not just a women's issue. It is an attack on men and women.
This process of trusting God to be your ultimate Provider will take time and commitment on your part. However, the more you learn to live this way, the easier and more exciting it will become.
Today as I go about the mundane and the not-so-mundane I'm considering the power of praying for my Lover (husband). I have asked God to strengthen my marriage and I am frequently reminded by the Holy Spirit within me to "pray for your husband".
How can we be intimate with our Lover? How can we connect on a spiritual level? One of the ways we connect is through communication. We communicate in many ways every day by the things we say and by our actions.
When other married couples look at your marriage do they see good smoke or bad smoke? Before you put that brisket and rack of ribs on your smoker you will first want to check the smoke coming out of the smoker.

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