Hugging Your Lover
Who Does God say that I am?
Do you answer the call when you are awaken?
Praying for your Lover
Want to increase the intimacy of your marriage?
Do you have a Smoking Hot Marriage
Today is the Day-First Women's Bible Study Gathering 5/2/2017
How are you doing on "Connecting Emotionally" with your Lover? This week we are going to look at connecting Spiritually with your Lover.
Connecting with your Lover involves "ESP". Over the next few weeks we will be looking at ways you connect with your Lover. So get ready to review some ideas you already know but have not been practicing and also to learn some new ideas that will help you become better connected. We are going to begin with "Connecting Emotionally."
The truth is we can all be present and yet not be present simultaneously. To be physically present and not mentally present.


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