4 tips or writing a love note to your Lover (spouse)

By Jaimi Jones
4 tips or writing a love note to your Lover (spouse)

4 Tips for Writing a Love Note to Your Lover (spouse) 
 *Start with a personal greeting*  
To my Beautiful Wife      

To my Hot Mama 

Mr. World Series (Our First date was to the World Series)  

To my sexy Man 

*Make it Personal*  

 Thank them for doing something special for you. You may write a special note because it is a birthday but do not miss the opportunity to write a love note "just because". 

*End with Love*
Forever Yours, All my love, With love forever, I am so happy you are in my life, You mean the world to me. Then, sign your name. 

*Be Creative*

Write your note on a post it note, or on a hand made card (include a photo). Use colored pens. Spray with your cologne or perfume. Put your note in your lover's car or lunch box. Or leave it under their pillow or in the bathroom drawer where they will find it, tape it to their computer, or leave on the mirror. Set it beside their dinner plate or beside their coffee cup. Use your imagination. 
Receiving a visual reminder in the form of a handwritten love note can be a special way to be intentional in communicating your love for one another. 


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