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When other married couples look at your marriage do they see good smoke or bad smoke? Before you put that brisket and rack of ribs on your smoker you will first want to check the smoke coming out of the smoker.
Today is the Day-First Women's Bible Study Gathering 5/2/2017
How are you doing on "Connecting Emotionally" with your Lover? This week we are going to look at connecting Spiritually with your Lover.
Connecting with your Lover involves "ESP". Over the next few weeks we will be looking at ways you connect with your Lover. So get ready to review some ideas you already know but have not been practicing and also to learn some new ideas that will help you become better connected. We are going to begin with "Connecting Emotionally."
The truth is we can all be present and yet not be present simultaneously. To be physically present and not mentally present.
What does 4:00 A.M. "Black Friday Morning" look like to you? Over the years it has looked very different for me. The first "Black Friday" I remember was the one where I was standing in the parking lot of a Kohl's, coffee cup in hand at 4:00 A.M. shivering with what seem like a thousand other people. I remember looking over at the guy standing next to me and asking "Who are all these stupid people and what could they possibly be doing?"
Can I come….To Ladies Bible Study Group…as I am …without any answer to your need? You see I think you expect me to bring as I have before and these perceived expectations sometimes make me apprehensive. Apprehensive in ways that cause me to want to stay away because I might disappoint you.
The writing of one's story can be full of revelation for the writer and the reader. As I have begun to put words on a page, it has allowed me to identify and name some of the emotions.
This was the request from my husband as we stood 3 feet apart in our dining area. Can we just rest? Because we need it. We had both been running in many directions all morning trying to "light "around our back porch table but distractions were everywhere.
I want to invite you to picture the scene with me. John and I are leaving our neighborhood the other day. Up ahead I see a golf cart being driven by a ten-year-old boy (I'm guessing the ages), clearly the oldest of the group. He has a co-pilot a few years younger. The youngest of these three is probably 7 and he is on an old worn out child's battery operated 4-wheeler. Looking on as a bystander and the possible look out is another boy on a bicycle. Visualize with me the scene. It is a summer morning and few adults are traveling this neighborhood road. The two older boys have tied a rope from the golf cart to the worn out battery operated 4-wheeler. After closer inspection not only is the 4- wheeler old, it has at least one flat tire. The older boys are driving the golf cart at a good pace then stopping and turning at the same time so that the youngest boy goes flying out to the side of the golf cart. He is holding on tight so that he keeps on the moving or flying mode of...

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